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Operational messages
15-08-2018 16:20 Some hotels login is slow. Everything inthe hostingcenter runs ok
15-08-2018 14:56 One of our routers needs to be restarted, it will be back in 20 minutes.
13-08-2018 11:16 Just now we restart an Router. The will take 20 minutes. Only few terminals we be involved.
12-06-2018 19:43 Today Tec hosting instalted 3 extra new servers and upgrated 19 other servers with more memory. To increase speed at Tec Hosting running Picasso.
12-06-2018 14:44 Speed: Due to an Microsoft update some weeks ago, some hotels has problems will logging in and speed. The is not an Picasso error. But Techotel are the responsiblel. We now set in more servers in the server farm to increase speed.
11-06-2018 10:04 Our hardware department should have solved the issue with login. There is a possibility that first time login could take longer time (loading screen). Please be patient, it will succeed after some time. Thank you for your understanding.
11-06-2018 09:31 Some hotels are currently having issues with login to Picasso. Our hardware department are solving this issue right now. Please be patient. We will followup here when it has been fixed.
10-06-2018 23:56 We are live i all countries at 23.56 Danisk Time
10-06-2018 23:04 Tec Hosting are under service. Your server / Picasso is sceeduled to go live againg at 24.00 Danish time.
Techotel Global: Be advised. Techotel servicewindow will be executed tonight between 23:00 and 24:00.